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27th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's get a quick look at weather with steve paulson. we have high pressure on the deck. it equals warmer temperatures and upper 80s and low 90s starting to come back in the inland areas and 60s and 70s closer to the coast. right now highway 4 looks good. it's getting a little more crowded. but all the lanes are open. also this morning, we're looking at interstate 880 and that traffic is moving well in both directions. at 5:00, back to the desk. happening now and offramp of 880 is still closed after a police chase that turned into a fatal crack on 29th avenue. palm chambers is at the scene. any word when this will reopen?
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>> reporter: right now that is the question. the officers are still out here working the scene. they've been here for three hours after the chase by chp. it ended up with the driver dying in the crash. and officers say around 1:20 this morning they tried to pull over a person that was driving recklessly and weaving. instead of obeying, the driver sped off and getting on 880. and he tried to exit at 29th street at the offramp, he crashed and was ejected from the car. officers believe that alcohol may have played a role in the crash. >> we did find open containers of alcohol in the car. and the officers smelled the odor of and click beverage on the driver. >> reporter: and you're looking at the car. the driver was taken to the hospital where he later died. he was a 19-year-old man. and the offramp of 29th avenue
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and i880 will be closed for several hours as they're taking measurement and being precise about the accident. we'll bring you the latest as it develops. i'm paul chambers. two separate shootings in oakland in the past few hours have the police investigators scrambling. and the most recent one happened at 1:00 this morning. a man was shot in the head around 47th and stanley streets. he was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. there was another shooting at about 11:00 last night on east 10th street and portwood avenue. we have few details. but the shooting victim was an unidentified woman. police think she was an innocent bystander and we don't know her condition at this point. so far no arrests have been made. ? just about an hour from now, the investigators will give us new information about the huge fire at a plastics plant in
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fairfield. we brought you live pictures as all of this was unfolding yesterday. jane hernandez is there right now. what do you know? >> reporter: we've been checking with all of the people involved in this fire. i just spoke with a spokeswoman from the marcos plastics. the plant is still fully operational. 45 employees work at this facility. the spokesperson declined comment on camera or the phone. i learned that the fairfield fire department is holding a news conference in front of the plant at 6:00 a.m. that is about an hour from now. last night firefighters were monitoring hotspots. it does not appear that the firefighters are here anymore. fairfield fire is not saying one way or the other till the press conference.
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at this hour, we can tell that you five acres burned with an estimated 20 to 30,000 bins inside the yard at the time. firefighters likened the intensity of the flame to the heat of a tire fire. it break out shortly after 1:00 yesterday afternoon. and 45 employees were at the plant at the time. and it appears that a blow torch touched off flames and an employee mistake led to the huge six-alarm fire. the only injuries reported were of three firefighters treated for smoke related injuries. but residents of a mile radius were cautioned to stay inside till nearly 6:00 last night. and they even checked storm drains to make sure that the melted plastic was not in the water. we'll continue to update you. the and the fairfield fire department is expected to hold a news conference in front of marcos plastics. we'll bring you the press conference and give you their
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updated information as soon as we receive it. jade hernandez. a massive police search last night in the east basement law enforcement from fremont an oak land combined forces last night in east oak land. two armored vehicles moved in and they raided this house on 89th avenue carrying out a search warrant. no details on what they were looking for. one of the police officers involved in the deadly shooting at the bart station may become an fbi agent. this is the incident this month. officer james corral was one of two officers that confronted a homeless man. they say that the officers were forced to shoot when charles hill threatened them with a knife. the chronicle reports that the fbi has already hired officer corral. and he's hoping to join the fbi very soon. parts of a train station in
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oslow, norway are now open after a suspicious bag was found. they shut down and area where buses depart for the airport to investigate and abandoned suitcase. it was examined and found harmless. but they are on high alert after last week's bombing and shooting that killed 76 people. and now they're focused on a farm used by the alleged gunman. hours ago, investigators used a control explosion to detonate a device found at the farm. he used the location as a cover to buy fertilizer for his bombs and ordered more than 6 tons of fertilizer. and now the police need to determine how much that have was used. >> he had 900-kilos. the experts say this could vary plus or minus. and this is something that is
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-- that has some uncertainty with it. >> they began to release the names of the people that died in last week's massacre. a lawyer for the suspect said that his client is very cold and distant. he declined to say if he will use insanitity as a defense -- insanity as a defense. a judge will decide friday in accused serial killer joseph naso will get financial help from the public. he said that he has been unable to access his bank accounts and a lawyer will not help him for free. he's accused of killing four women from 1977 to 1994. a mountain lion may be on the loose this morning near half moon bay. officials think it was a mountain lion that killed several sheep and goats. they example mined the remains
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yesterday. -- example examined the remains yesterday. if you encounter one, face it and try to look bigger than it by waiving your arms. and the congressional budget office said that john boehner's plan will cut hundreds of billions of dollars less than promised. we'll have a live report from the washington d.c. newsroom with new reports that the government may have some wiggle room on the august 2nd deadline to raise the debt ceiling. california governor brown is defending his veto of legislation that would have provided funding for adult day health care programs cut in the latest state budget. brown promised alternatives would be found for those that need it. but many of those that operate the centers say there are no appropriate alternatives for their clients who suffer from
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brain injuries, dementia and other chronic conditions. they predict many will end up in nursing facilities. let's check in with sax and you have a lot d with sal. and you've a lot to do as you walk in the door. yes. traffic doing well in many areas. but we have some things that we mentioned on 880. on 29th we have that ramp close for police activity. take a look at some of these pictures. east shore freeway, a tight view because of some fog that is coming in through the area. so we're looking down here. this is near the pallis street exit. and it will be good on 880 despite the closure. and the traffic is moving well in both directions. and if you're driving on 280 heading to highway 17 that traffic is off to a nice start. and now to steve. a good morning to you. not as much fog and that means
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warmer temperature. we started that trend yesterday. i think we maxed out on monday with the fog and low clouds. temperatures now are starting to recover a little bit so some patchy fog. and what is there could be a little thick in spots. it's starting to get closer to the ground. thick morning fog tomorrow. and it looks mostly sunny because there could be tropical clouds coming in. i'll mention it because it will probably move into the nevada area and for maybe south part of our viewing area. but the temperatures continue the trend up. and we'll continue that as well. high pressure is building ever so slowly. but it's been in the middle of the country and in the east. we're not getting a howling north wind. but there are signs that we're starting to get a little bit of a north wind. and upper 80s and 90s inland. and the low clouds and fog are losing out to a north breeze. 57 seems popular now.
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san jose, fairfield and napa 52. a west, southwest 13 in fairfield. but that is not that much. but a northerly flow direction out of concord and the oakland air there. so there are signs that the north wind is coming in. that will take care of any fog. the tropical clouds are right there and they continue to work their way around the high. it won't be a factor today. but maybe towards friday and saturday. some patchy fog and northerly breeze. and it looks like it may win out. so 60s to 90s now and we've had spreads of only 20 degrees and now we're getting over 30. and the inland area have been running cool for this time of the season. and high pressure gives us warmer temperatures, probably all the way into the weekend, the first day of august does look cooler. 5:11. a new controversy tied to america's terror nightmare ten years ago. it involved some of the first
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responders to 9/11. watch this man that stops right in his tracks. the surprising crime fighters that came to the rescue. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead. n?
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take a look at this video two people on bikes stopped
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this would be thief. one woman ran in front of the thief. and another man also tried to stop him. but the thief, as you can see, manage did get away on foot. it's not clear in the police ever tracked him down. just six days left before the u.s. hits the national debt limit and a possible default. house spear john boehner is delaying a vote that was set for today on his rescue plan. allison burns is live in the thus room. >> reporter: that's right. speaker boehner is being forced to rewrite his plan after nonpartisan congressional number crunches found it does not produce the deficit savings that speaker boehner had promised. president obama is threatening to veto it anyway. but this is another delay with time reasoning out. we were in several -- running out. we were in several bay area congressional offices yesterday where they were overloaded with
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callers weighing in on the national debt. >> they don't just want to make cuts, they want to destroy. they want to destroy food safety and clean air and clean water and the department of education. >> reporter: and they say that the cuts don't go far enough, senate republican leader mcconnell emphasizes the need to strike a deal. >> we cannot get a perfect solution from my point of view controlling only the house of representatives. >> reporter: reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns. a new medical report fueling the latest controversy involving the september 11th attacks ten years ago. there's not yet enough evidence to say whether dust and smoke produced by the terror attacks of the world trade center caused cancer. that finding is a setback for a lot of the first responders and
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those that live near the world trade center that now have cancer. it means that they don't qualify for federal health benefits, at least till there's more research. in afghanistan, the mayor was killed in a suicide bomb attack. the suicide attacker reportedly placed an explosive device in his turbine and detonated it inside a city hall where the mayor was having a meeting. this comes days after the president's half-brother was killed. the taliban has claimed responsibility for both attacks. u.s. counterterrorism officials are increasingly convinced that al qaeda is on the brink of collapse. they say that the killing of osama bin laden and six years of drone strikes on al qaeda hide -- hideouts has
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significantly weakened the group. 5:17. governor brown nominated a u.s. berkley law professor to become the next state supreme court justice. he has been teaching continuous 2003 and he once clerked for u.s. supreme court justice ginsburg. president obama nominated him to the ninth circuit of appeals. republicans blocked that nomination. if he is confirmed, he will replace the retiring justice. opponents of a new state law is that public schools must teach about the contributions of gays and lesbians and they're looking to take the case to the voters. governor brown signed sb48 into lou. but the requirement to include gay contributions does not take effect till the 2013 school year. critics call them a coalition of pro-family groups and they received approval from the secretary of state to start
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collecting signatures now to rescind the law. and now back over to sal to check in on traffic. we had a few thing as infecting the roads this morning. yes. as a matter of fact, we have that closure that we've been talking about on 880 and 29th. it's not causing a big deal. but we'll tell you about it anyway. and this morning's commute has been busy. i'll show you some things here on highway 4. traffic is moving along relatively well coming up to the will will he pass grade. and things look good on the other side in concord. we talked about this is a nice looking drive on 880 heading north and south. and if you're driving in richmond on 580 eastbound coming down toward the mccar they are maize away from the -- mccarer maize away from the bridge, there is an accident and it will take them a little
5:20 am
while to clean up that. 70s and 80s now on the coast and bay side an upper 80s and low 90s inland. we're starting off slightly warmer here. some of the higher elevations are run being five to seven degrees warmer. that is the sign that the highs are building in. a breeze in concord and the oakland airport. and the system that was in the pacific northwest is ejected out and that is allowing the high pressure to slip towards the west. a north wind, not strong, but it's there it takes care of the fog quickly. 60s, 70s and low mid and upper 80s. i think we'll continue this as we head into friday, saturday and low to mid-90s out in the valley. maybe upper 90s as we head into the weekend. stock market across europe are down this morning on the
5:21 am
continued uncertainty of our debt negotiations. overnight, much of the same. the losses are traction nal in asia with japan's nike one of the biggest lossers. and hong kong slipped over concerns of the united states defaulting on their debt. check in on our numbers, as expected, a bit of a drop yesterday. more nor the dow. our blue chip stocks dropped the most with the dow slipping 91 and a half points and the nasdaq and. down slightly. -- nasdaq and the s&p 500 down slightly. we'll get a better indication with the opening bell in about an hour. the company that owns baskin robbins ice cream wants to expand. dunkin donuts set the opening
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price at $19 a share. that is higher than the forecasted price change. and it will change under dnkn. >> got it. i have to tell you about a california man that tried to perform surgery on himself. what he used to do the surgery. and how he tried to close up the wound. and the nfl lockout is over. football fans are not holding any grudges. wait till you hear about the sales records set. good morning. if you're driving on interstate 680 anytime soon to fremont, it should be a decent drive for you. we'll tell you more about the morning drive coming up.
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good morning. patchy fog will give way to sunshine. devastating landslides in south korea triggered by heavy rains can youing major problems. 32 people have been killed in this, including ten college students doing volunteer work. those waters are moving fast. and the landslides sounded like explosions or a freight train. about 15 inches of rain fell in the capital city of soul in 17 hours. nfl lockout is over and now the countdown to the kickoff is underway. and the oakland raiders
5:26 am
formally report to training camp in napa this morning. they'll be making up for lost time. it put the entire football season on hold and the raiders have just 16 days to get ready for their first preseason game. however, everyone at camp is relieved that the lockout is over. >> it's extremely settling to know we have ten years of labor peace. and we can plan every year for the next ten years to come to training camp in a normal fashion. >> the 49ers gain train begin -- begin training camp tomorrow. ticket master report that tickets soared 32 and a half percent on monday. time 5:26. a wild story with a man in
5:27 am
glendale after trying to take out a painful hernia himself. the 63-year-old man used a six inch butter knife. he pulled out the knife and took the cigarette he was smoking and stuck it into the wound. and the police have not arrested him yes, he didn't threaten anybody except himself. time 5:26. and the state fire marshal said that a lot of people are not aware of the problems under your feet and homes. and now they're calling for more information to prevent accidents like the one that happened in walnut creek severe years ago. and we're at the screen a fatal accident in oakland. it has shut down a freeway offramp. how long will the area be closed off? it's beginning to get more crowded in one south bay city.
5:28 am
we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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good morning. welcome back. it is the middle of the week. it's wednesday, july 27th. we want to see if the weather is warming up for us. let's check in with steve. it is. but we have to deal with some fog first. and some of that getting close to the ground now. there could be pockets of thick
5:31 am
fog. after that sunny and warmer and i think we're good to go. and still 60s and 70s close to the coast. but warmer weather on the five- day. we'll have that in about five minutes. on interstate 880 heading to the bridge from hayward, the traffic looks good. north and southbound, the traffic moves along nicely. and westbound 92 as you drive into the high raise of the bridge -- high-rise of the bridge, it looks very nice. right now, a freeway offramp in oakland is closed after a fatal car crash. all of this started when the police tried to pull over a car on international boulevard. it ended when the car lost control and crashed on the 29th avenue exit. paul chambers is there right now. what is the latest? >> reporter: i can tell that you the officers are being
5:32 am
meticulous about their investigation. they chased a teenage driver that may have been drink. and chp ended you can with the driver dying in a crash. around 1:20 this morning, they tried to pull offer the 19-year- old male on international and 55th axe the driver was driving recklessly and weaving. instead of owe boying the officers -- owe buying the officers that tried to -- obeying the officers no pull him over, he took off. >> he failed to negotiate the exit lane and collided behind me. >> reporter: the driver, a 19- year-old latino man was partially ejected from the home because he was not wearing a seatbelt and he was taken to the hospital where he died. west identity. but we're waiting to confirm it with the coroner's office. the officers believe that alcohol may have played a role in the crash because they smelled alcohol on the driver
5:33 am
and there were open containers in the vehicle. this will remain closed for several hours as the officers conduct their investigation. we'll stay on top of this and let you know as soon as it opens up and bring you the latest in the investigation. live in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2 news. there was a crash involving a veteran police officer on foothill boulevard and 23rd avenue. the driver of a chrysler 300 sedan ran a red light and rammed into the police car. a female officer, a 26 year veteran on the force, was treated at summit hospital for minor injuries. and one of the officers on the scene said that alcohol was smelled on the driver of the vehicle. an urgent call this morning to animal lovers. a long time east bay animal shelter may have to close its doors. we're in pleasantton this morning with the last minute
5:34 am
campaign to save the valley humane shelter. >> reporter: good morning. the place has been in the area for 25 years. this is a new facility. the providers here at the center said they need $125,000 for the next 30 days or they'll have to close the doors. and like most other things, they're thinking about scaling back and closing. and that is because of the economy. donations are down 31% this year and 25% last year. there are fewer donations. but the cost of food and shelter is going up. the shelter said that dropoff and donations have increased in the costs is due to to the sagging economy. the money needed now is only a temporary measure. they need a half million dollars a year to operate. >> these are our kittens. we have five here. >> reporter: these are the cheese kittens because their namessed after cheeses. i thought that was cute. they have 46 cats and six dogs.
5:35 am
this video was posted on "youtube" in december. so it's likely that the cats have already been adopted. it's unclear what will happen with the animals if the shelter does not get the money it needs. i'll try to reach the director and a board member to get more about that. the san bernardino pipeline explosion last year has people concerned about natural gas lines that run under their home. and there's another danger as well, privately owned petroleum pipelines like the one that was hit by a backhoe seven years ago. five people died and four others seriously hurt in that explosion and fire. and a state law requires owners of liquid pipeline to provide maps of their pipe lines. but many of the maps are out of date. just 30 minutes from now investigators will give us new information about that huge
5:36 am
fire at a plastics plant in fairfield. it started yesterday afternoon on huntington drive. this big fire, look at the pictures, kicked out all of that thick, black smoke in the area. you could see it from as far away as sacramento. residents living near the plant were told to stay indoors and stay away from the possibly dangerous smoke. >> main hazard presented by that as a result of the smoke is more of an immediate irritation to the eyes, nose and threat and respiratory passages. >> there are no reports of anyone getting sick yesterday. and three firefighters had minor injuries battling the flames. they think that a construction worker's blow torch triggered the fire. and they'll hold a news briefing in about 30 minutes from right now. we'll bring you the live
5:37 am
coverage of that news conference. authorities searching for the suspects that fired shots at an east bay police officer are now focusing on a video from a helicopter. they searched the area yesterday morning. they were looking for two people who fired shots at an officer monday. they search for signs of growing marijuana. police called off the search in the afternoon. they reopened the park trails. but they could return to searching the area over the next several days. only on 2, san francisco police investigating a possible hate crime at this year's pride parade. authorities released to us this cell phone video taken last month it shows the alleged victim covered only in a towel getting pushed by one man and getting punched by another. dave stevenson talk to the 36- year-old victim. the police asked us not to
5:38 am
reveal his identity over concerns of retaliation. >> i stopped to use the bathroom and while i was inside. someone was pushing it over. so i jumped out and asked, what are you doing or what is going on? >> he said that the confrontation led to the punch. he suffered a concussion and a broken eye socket. the police are investigating the case as a hate crime due to his sexual orientation. officers released a photo of an individual they believe threw out first punch. they hope someone with any knowledge of this attack comes forward. family and friends of missing nursing student michelle lay will hold a candlelight vigil today. police are investigating the case as a homicide. they are expected to speak at the vigil today. it begins at 6:00 this evening on the corner of west tenson
5:39 am
road. a san francisco bus she will clipper that is supposed to protect waiting passengers from bad weather is reportedly attracting criminals. the police department say that a replacement could solve this problem. but we're finding out that not everyone in the community agrees with that. 5:38. and now back over to sal to check on the commute. it's going well. traffic is moving along pretty nicely. take a look at northbound and southbound. northbound traffic continues to look good passing the coliseum. and this morning's commute will be okay on the sam bridge as you drive out towards the bridge. there are no major problems there. and interstate 80 westbound coming from richmond to berkley, the traffic continues to move along nicely. let's go to steve. we have some low clouds but nothing paired to what we had a
5:40 am
couple days ago. and it's a little shallower. that means that the high pressure is building in. and 1500 feet are run being seven degrees warmer that is a sign that we're getting that inversion. you can see some of the fog retreating with a north breeze. and that will play into a warmer forecast. so temperatures in the 50s for many. 58 in hayward. santa rosa the coolest at 52. a little northwesterly puff and the oakland airport north at five so there's lies a trend that bringing in warmer weather. and the high pressure system sliding back as one system in the pacific northwest ejects out it doesn't look like the dome of high pressure will come over us. it will be an inland warmup. we're getting a little northerly breeze. it will burn off sooner. so 70s and 80s and upper 80s
5:41 am
and low 90s. clear lake 95. fairfield 90. and 85 in nevada, 70 in richmond, 94 in present wood, danville -- brentwood. 75 in oakland and 70 in berkley. low 90s to gilroy. and san jose 82. wood side 84. still 60s on the coast. but the fog will burn off sooner. we'll continue that into friday and saturday. and i think it will stay there and not get much warmer. you'll find out why last night's game at turn near field was a record breaker. a warning for americans traveling broad. the reason the state department thinks we could be attacked. good morning. if you're driving on 280 northbound, it looks good
5:42 am
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good morning. we have patchy following. but that is not going last a little long. there's a little north wind and that will take care of it. and upper 80s and low 90s ind land. good morning. here's a quick look at some of the top stories that we're following at 5:44. as we speak, the 29th avenue offramp on 880 is closed. an early morning police chase ended with a fatal crash. the investigation is still continuing. in 15 minutes from now, investigators will give us new information about this huge
5:45 am
fire at a plastics plant in fairfield. this started yesterday afternoon on huntington drive not far from travis air force base. and the news briefing is set for 6:00 this morning. we'll have live coverage of it. and washington house speaker has postponed a vote on his debt ceiling plan. he postponed it from today till tomorrow. that is after the congressional budget office said that it doesn't save as much money that's originally projected. and the democrats said that his plan does not stand a chance in the senate. homeland security committee is holding the third hearing on the recruitment and radicalization in the u.s. they say that 40 american have been recruited by al qaeda terrorist and gone there to fight. and the state department has issued a travel warning to
5:46 am
americans. they say that al qaeda and other troops are planning attacks on u.s. interests around the world. the damage of osama bin laden has raised the risk of anti- american violence worldwide. and the attacks may be in the form of suicide bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, and hijackings. there are reports this morning that a san francisco bus stop is a crime magnet. it is at turk and hide streets. residents and business owners said it gives a place for crimes to occur without the criminals worrying being seen by the police. one of the residents lives a couple steps away from the bus shelter. >> and i don't take that bus stop because a lot of drug activity. >> i come here every day and i see drug deals right where i'm standing right now. >> the police department are supporting a plan to tear down
5:47 am
the current bus shelter and replace it with more open and better lighting. residents say that the shelter should just be torn down. a temperature is underway for a thief that stole a car with valuable baseball memorabilia inside. the walnut creek police released this picture of the suspect. they say that he stole a car from north california boulevard on monday. the car is a silver 2011 hyundai. there is the license plate. the driver said that he mistakenly left the keys in the ignition and inside the car were bats and balls as well as a jersey autographed by giants great willie. braves fans got a little more baseball than they bargained for last night. >> ground ball. and alvarez coming home and
5:48 am
it's not in time! the braves got a 4-3 win over the pittsburgh pirates. look at it. this happen in the bottom of the 19th inning. i'm not kidding. that was at longest game in the history of atlanta's turner field. >> wow! >> 19th inning. >> that is a lot of innings, even for baseball fans like sal. >> use your good eye, ump! my goodness. i yell at the screen and that was a horrible call. >> he wanted to go home. >> they wanted to go home. but that was -- my grandmother, 95 years old could have made a better call than that. let's take a look at traffic. traffic is moving along well as you get up to highway 17 northbound.
5:49 am
there are no major problems there. the traffic is moving along okay as you drive on 101 as well. this morning's commute on 237 westbound as you cross 880, that traffic is okay getting out to highway 101. and this morning's commute on 880 has been unaffected by the closure of the 29th street offramp. police are going to be investigating a crime that occurred there for the next 45 minutes. let's go to steve. did you see clint there, the pirates' manager. >> he was a little fired up. >> he was a little red in the face. this area of low pressure hangs out in the pacific northwest. once it lifts out the high pressure will build in. the last time really lifted was on july 4th. and that is when we had our last really warm weather. it has kicked out and warmer weather inland. still 60s and 70s on the coach.
5:50 am
you can see it's closer to the deck now. but it will burn off. high pressure is on the way back. but when it eases back in this way, if we don't get a north wind, then we don't get that hot. but we'll get average or slightly above for the inland temperatures. but for the coast, the fog is not going anywhere yet. it will burn off sooner. but the temperatures will move fast away from the coast. fairfield 85, walnut creek, lafayette upper 80s and near 90s. and mid-90s in pittsburgh, berkley 70, 90s morgan hill. and 84 in wood side. a lot of low 80s on the
5:51 am
peninsula. and 60s to near 70 for parts of the coast and also south san francisco. morning fog gives way to sunshine and warmer weather and that will take us into friday and saturday. a federal judge has ruled customers can team up and sue a san francisco based bank for the policy on overdraft fees. the u.s. district judge in florida named four individuals to represent customers suing union bank in what is now a class-action lawsuit. the case claims that bank slammed consumers with unfair overdraft fees minipulating the order in which checks and debit purchases were processed so the customer would be hit with more fees. bank of america has already settled a similar case for $410 million. electronic arts on redwood shores reported that its income doubles in the last quarter. and they credit strong sales of new video games and the soccer
5:52 am
game. they say it's boosting the annual forecast because of better than forecast preorders on battlefield three. and clorox has rejected billionaire invest or carl icon's latest bet for the company. they called the $1.7 billion offer quote, enat kuwait. it is the -- inadequate. they are the single largest shareholder. they're tiny but they're miracle survivors. the creatures that survived the big earthquake in new zealand. and scary information about the safety of the power plant devastated by the earthquake and tsunami in japan.
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5:54 am
5:55 am
a fiery crash claimed the life of driver near the highway 37. the chp is looking into reports that the truck blew a tire. it hit the center divide and the driver was stuck inside the cab as it burst into flames. eastbound lanes were closed for almost five hours. they surveyed the land that
5:56 am
they hope will be the second campus for the lawrence berkeley lab. the so-called brooklyn basin near fifth street is one of six east bay sites under consideration by the lab. they'll present information about the possible development during a public meeting. it's expect that the lab will decide on a site by the ends of november. japan's nuclear plant was named want world's dangerous in the world before the earthquake and tsunami. this was rated the most dangerous nuclear plant in japan for worker exposure to radiation and one of the worst in the world. bacteria is credited for keeping two little goldfish
5:57 am
alive after the earthquake in new zealand. they had been without food or electricity since the big earthquake hit the area in february. workers were allowed to go back into this bullying and they found the goldfish still alive. >> they are hardy little fish. not the ones that live in our house. we don't have hardy fish. it's coming in on 6:00. let's check in with sal. traffic is moving along nicely fur driving in san jose or the south bay, we have a nice drive there through the south bay so far. and the morning commute here if you're drive from the east bay on pleasantton to the south bay. and now back to you. a wild police pursuit in oakland a couple of hours ago. we'll show you where it happened and how the continuing police investigation is affecting the morning commute. how a giant fire at a plastics plant in fairfield is
5:58 am
affecting the surrounding community and what investigators are now saying about the cause. we have some fog but it's more fog than local clouds. and that means it will burn off sooner and the temperatures will come up a little bit. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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